Halloween HIIT Workout

Full Body HIIT Workout

We love this workout! It works the whole body & is super easy to fit around your busy schedule! Enjoy it beauty!

0:00-0:40                        20 seconds rest

1:00-1:40                        20 seconds rest
2:00-2:40                        20 seconds rest
3:00-3:40                        20 seconds rest
4:00-4:40                        20 seconds rest
5:00-5:40                        20 seconds rest
6:00-6:40                        20 seconds rest
7:00-7:40                        20 seconds rest

October 25, 2017 by Natalie Diver
Habits Making You Look Older?

Unhealthy Habits that make you look older than you are

Having pride in how we look is a great thing. However, we can be super excessive in our quest for the elusive ‘perfection’.

In the words of Queen Bey:

Perfection is a disease of a nation, it is your soul that needs the surgery.

If you strip right back to basics, you will find that you will start to gain a more relaxed outlook on life, appreciate the smaller things and reduce the signs of aging considerably!

There are 4 habits that we all do on a daily basis that we may think are healthy and normal, when in fact, they are not and they are speeding up our aging process and are detrimental to our health.

You are not sleeping enough.

You have heard it a million times before, not getting enough sleep is the worst thing in the world for your health blah blah blah! But it can even contribute to diseases later on. You may think you are fine on the four/five hours of sleep you got last night, but sleeping too little can do serious damage to your skin and health, which can make you look so much older than you really are. For those with acne, getting enough rest is particularly important to preserve a youthful look, as the skin heals when you are sleeping. Start getting at least seven to eight hours per night to ensure youthful skin.

Tip - Adding our Beauty Blend to your daily diet will help your skin, it is loaded with B Vitamins and ingredients that will keep your skin glowing and help fight acne!

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down - NOT THE WHOLE BAG!

 Sugary drinks and store-bought cookies are not just bad for your waistline, they will wreak havoc on your looks. Consuming too much processed and sugary foods can and will make your skin look dull. If you want something sweet, do yourself a favor and reach for the apple instead of the cookie jar. Limit your treats and you will also appreciate them more.


Stop being a negative nancy and stressing all the time!

 Are you constantly thinking about the groceries you need to buy, the clothes you need to wash, and the deadlines at work you need to hit? Yes? Then it is time to take a deep breath and relax girl! Not only can chronic stress ruin your sleep patterns and increase your risk for heart disease but it can also make you look 10 years older than you actually are. Stress chemicals are released into your body when you are always anxious, which slowly results in a more aged appearance.

Tip - Introduce 10 minute of meditation into your daily routine before you go to bed. This reflection time will help you calm yourself, resulting in a better sleep and being able to tackle the following day more calmly.


Check your OCD! You may be washing your face and hands too often.

We all want to have ‘perfect’ skin and clean hands, but all of that washing can do serious damage to your skin and quickly age you. When it comes to your face, use a gentle cleanser without added fragrance or harsh chemicals, and this goes for ALL skin types. While those prone to acne are likely to reach for the stronger products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to keep their skin issues at bay, these ingredients strip the skin of all essential oils and cause severe dryness and irritation that can lead to redness, wrinkles and a dull, aged look. Do not forget to moisturize, either.

While you may be more concerned with your face than your hands, your hands show signs of aging, too. If you find your hands are dry and cracked from all of the washing, try massaging them with cream and then slipping on some gloves. The natural heat of your hands and the barrier from the gloves will allow the cream to penetrate deep into the skin, giving you ultra soft and beautiful skin.

October 11, 2017 by Natalie Diver
Stay Healthy During Winter

Are allergies getting you down, top tips to stay sneeze free this winter

We want you to stay sneeze free this winter! So we have put together our top tips to stay healthy and ‘drip’ free!

Why do some people catch every cold and virus going around and others manage to escape it altogether?

Your susceptibility has a lot to do with how well our immune system is functioning, and the great news is we can do so much to support it with with little adjustments to food we consume and our lifestyle.

Here are our top 6 tips to staying sneeze free this winter:

Winter sun one of the main reasons we get more infections in winter is because we have far less sun exposure which means less exposure to Vitamin D, a nutrient closely linked to our immune-system. If you are lucky enough to be able to take a holiday in winter to top up your levels, DO IT! If not, then eating more sources of Vitamin D such as mushrooms, eggs, tofu and drinking almond milk will help.

Improve the bacteria in your stomach amazingly 70% of our immune activity takes place in our intestines! Gut flora provides a protective barrier against pathogenic bacteria (strains that can make us ill) and viruses, preventing them from getting into our bloodstream. Support your healthy bacteria levels by eating fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut, miso and tempeh.

Avoid getting run down being too busy, stressed, anxious and losing sleep means we eat more sugary foods, starchy carbohydrates and drink more coffee to keep going. These cause us extra physical stress, and the main hormone that our bodies release to switch off stress (cortisol) also suppresses our immunity. So it is imperative that we look after ourselves, relax when we can, sleep more and cut out the junk if we want our immune system to do its job!

Top Tip: Our Beauty Blend contains Maca. This is grown in the mountains of Peru, it has been called “Peruvian ginseng.” Maca’s benefits have been long valued, Many people take maca for skin issues, as for some people it helps to clear acne and blemishes. Maca is also said to help alleviate anxiety, stress, depression or mood swings.

Nourish your immune cells our defence system needs a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to function well (enter our Beauty Blend) that is why fussy eaters and extreme dieters are more susceptible to colds every week! Pack loads of nutritious foods into your diet especially foods rich in zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, this means more fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds,  sprouted seeds, like alfalfa and tempeh.

Get clever about your Vitamin C intake Vitamin C needs a range of bioflavanoids (plant chemicals) for it to be metabolised properly by our bodies, and these are not necessarily present in all Vitamin C tablets. The important bioflavanoids are present in natural sources of Vitamin C such as fruit and vegetable. Vitamin C only stays active in our body for a few hours, so we recommend adding 2tbsp of our Beauty Blend to a 100mls of water and sip it regularly throughout the day to help keep levels of natural vitamin C topped up. This in turn will help maintain the normal function of our immune system.

Look after your lymph system lymph organs and vessels produce immune cells and transport them around the body to where they are needed most. If you are a very inactive person, this can cause a stagnation in the lymph fluid. This means our immune cells can not do their job sufficiently and toxins get stuck in our system. Keep your lymph fluid running around the body by breathing deeply and exercising regularly to encourage the rhythmic pushing of the lymph through muscle contraction. Staying hydrated with plenty of filtered water and herbal teas is also super helpful here.

Start looking at your health as an investment and not an expense.

October 11, 2017 by Natalie Diver
Are You Sabotaging Your Workouts?

Are You Sabotaging Your Workouts?

Do you find yourself sitting there on a Sunday evening saying, ‘The fitness starts tomorrow!’.

Then tomorrow comes, you hit it hard, you eat kale, you workout everyday, then BOOM! Your body crashes and you just can not summon the energy to workout? Or you find yourself making excuses?

Yup, we have totally been there! Sabotaging our workouts before they have really begun.

How do we combat this?

We have found that there are 5 steps that can lead to us falling at the first hurdle.



  • 1. Skipping the Warm-Up

  • While you can get away with skipping the warm-up when you are doing a low to moderate impact workouts, not warming up can easily lead to injury when you are doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, especially sprinting or a weight session.

    Warming up helps your muscles ease into exercising and can prevent injuries occurring.

    Simple exercises such as:


    Side bends

    Trunk twists

    Arm circles

    Shoulder shrugs

    5 reps per exercise should be enough to start warming you up.

    2. Not Feeding Your Muscles After a Strenuous Workout.

    When people are trying to lose weight, it is all too easy to fall into a rut where you unconsciously ‘fast’, start skipping meals or looking for quick fixes such as meal replacement shakes. Feeding your muscles after working out will have a more positive affect on your body and keep your energy levels adequately topped up.

    After a cardiovascular workout, wait 30-45 minutes, and then consume a high-quality source of protein (whole food) and vegetable-type carbohydrate. An example would be a spinach salad.

    After a resistance/strength training workout you need a different approach. The meal after a resistance workout needs to be absorbed rapidly to help repair your damaged muscles. As a general rule, you have a one hour window of opportunity to shuttle in the required nutrients. Ideally, you’ll want to eat your post workout meal around 15-30 minutes after an intense weight training session.

    3. Concentrating on a Single Body Area, and Working in a Limited Range of Motion.

    Try to think of your body as a composition of symmetry, and focusing on certain movements and muscle groups while neglecting others can cause imbalances. This in turn can lead to reduced balance and weaknesses in certain areas, such as your back. You could say your body is only as strong as its weakest link. So making sure every area is catered for is imperative for a successful workout.

    4. Training Too Long and Too Frequently.

    Exercising too much, either by working out too long or too frequently, can backfire in a number of ways. Recovery between sessions is super important, your muscles will fatigue and become weak, which in turn can lead to injury.

    Signs you are not adequately recovering between sessions:

    Exercise leaves you feeling exhausted instead of energised.

    You are getting sick easily, or it takes forever to get over a cold.

    You have heavy and restless legs.

    You have a super short fuse.

    You are regularly sore for days at a time.

    5. Inadequate Sleep.

    Although it can be difficult to get up to 8 hours of solid sleep per night, even resting in your bed with no distractions such as, TV or Social Media, can have a positive effect on your body.

    Do not force yourself to ‘sleep’, you will end counting how many hours sleep you will get if you fell asleep now, and it can turn into a vicious sleepless cycle.


    We find that adding our Beauty Blend to our morning routine has a super positive effect on our energy levels. We use Guarana, which is a natural ingredient that has the same effects as caffeine without the dreaded crash or with-drawl symptoms!

    October 03, 2017 by Natalie Diver
    Oh My Glow Detox: 14-Day Review

    Oh My Glow Detox: 14-Day Review

    I can’t attest to the “pregnancy glow” that Elizabeth Banks’s character in What to Expect When You’re Expecting debunks, but I recently found a natural, raw, gluten-free, and vegan (and baby-free) product that definitely has me feeling aglow.
    I bragged about the TinyTea Teatox not to long ago, and completed it again because I love the balance it brings back to my belly, and I’m a tea-holic anyway. Of late, I tried a 14-day detox powder that is an additive to regular eating and drinking, like TinyTea, but comes with a more extensive set of positive results.
    The Oh My Glow Detox, or OMG for short, is a 14-day or 28-day detoxing powder that you can add to all kinds of foods which you consume daily. I was skeptical of OMG at first because I couldn’t tell if it was a deceitful supplement (ew) or an “eat only this” cleanse (no way), but I’m pleased to say it’s neither! OMG serves as an additive to your regular diet, and simultaneously encourages you to eat healthier. (Keep reading, I’ll elaborate.)
    Kill the Cleanse
    If you saw the word “detox” and were immediately turned off (but still kept reading), let me confirm that OMG is more than a detox; the initial “detox” portion exists to get you used to adding the powder to your meals regularly. Unlike regular detoxes, even TinyTea, you don’t have to stop adding OMG to your diet. It is meant to become a routine of healthy eating and form a habit of including Earth’s more rare beneficial ingredients in your daily cooking.
    Fruit infused water is delicious, but please, please, no more lemon water cleanses! Cleanses are not as healthy for you as the fad leads you to believe. Shocking the body, depriving it of nutrients, and then going back to old habits does absolutely nothing positive to your insides.
    Traditionally, OMG was meant to be added to water for legitimate nutrients. Think of it in terms of how Benefiber works for the body. But, daily intake of OMG with water helps regulate more than merely your metabolism.
    Yes, OMG will help boost you back to normal after a particularly alcohol-induced weekend or a long vacation filled with bad, delicious foods. But, it’s not a cleanse. Cleanses don’t work exactly how diets don’t over time. OMG assists as a permanent healthy habit, not shocking the body for a short period of time.

    OMG is literally the first detox product I’ve found that helps with skin. Sure, I’ve heard of supplements and pills that claim to aid in obtaining clearer skin. But, in the health market, I’ve never heard of a completely natural product hit the shelf.
    I don’t get too many pimples if I don’t touch my face all the time. But, my skin gets flaky and dry around my eyebrows and nose. I pretty much have a bandit mask of dryness on my face, which I moisturize religiously in the winter.
    I stopped moisturizing when I started my 14-day OMG detox. I can’t claim it directly impacts pimples, because again, I don’t get those much anyway. But, I can confirm that my skin appeared far more balanced overall, and I had no irritating dryness. I literally did not moisturize once and my skin felt smooth without itchy flakiness. That’s the first time I’ve ever experienced a skin improvement with a health market additive.

    Belly Balance
    Metabolism seems as simple as eating well and exercising. But, if it were that easy, we’d all have quick metabolisms most of our life. And, all of these belly balancing products wouldn’t exist.
    Bottom line, obtaining a completely balanced diet is nearly impossible in today’s world. We all have good and bad weeks, where we either workout and eat clean every day, or Netflix and chill with some pop and pizza multiple days in a row.
    OMG definitely helped my metabolism set back to regular. It almost felt like a PH balance for my stomach. My belly felt neutral and happy about what was going into it. In return, this also decreased my bloating because my gut was functioning properly.
    A lot of the ingredients in OMG are difficult to find in your average grocery store, especially packed all in one place or product. Plus, the foods I added it to formed a healthy habit I wasn’t even fully aware that I was starting. Again, it’s not a cleanse or an “eat only this for x amount of days” product. It’s a detox to get your body back on track, and then to get used to consuming it along with other nutritious foods regularly to keep your body that way.
    Vitality Boost
    Adding OMG to my morning work week routine felt like taking a vitamin each morning. My body received nutritious ingredients it wouldn’t otherwise have gotten in my breakfast.
    OMG is the perfect detox to start before summer, and to continue on in the warm weather. Why? Smoothies! I always crave my coffee for taste, but OMG increased my attentiveness just a few days after adding it to my daily work week morning breakfast smoothie. My energy level matched my motivation without needing a caffeine boost.
    I wish I would've had OMG when I got my gum graft back in January. I had a smoothie fest because I didn’t want experience the pain of chewing for the first couple of days post-surgery. Oh My Glow would’ve provided me with extra nutrients and energy, which I was seriously lacking on a smoothie-diet.
    While most people know healthy food increases energy, most don’t realize that a nutritious diet also prevents inflammation, which causes depression. Eating bad food is pouring bad chemicals into your brain and system. Poor good chemicals in, and you'll be shocked how much your energy, mood and overall vitality improves. I think the ingredients in OMG assists with this greatly.
    Speaking of smoothies, OMG can be added to more than only water. A huge, unique perk of this detox is how easy it is to add to your diet, because it can be scooped into various yummy health foods you are already eating! OMG truly promotes and encourages an overall healthy lifestyle, which you don’t get from other detoxes.
    The only negative point I have regarding OMG, is that it turned most of my smoothies the same purple color. But, it tipped the scale back over in its favor by introducing me to a crazy amount of new, delicious smoothie recipes. OMG recently created a recipe book as well.
    Not only will you learn so many easy, yummy smoothie recipes when you incorporate this into your life, but OMG actually helped me eat healthier in general because I actively thought of nutritious meals with which I could add in Oh My Glow. Here are some ideas:
    - Smoothie bowl
    Homemade Jam
    - Oatmeal
    Chia seed pudding
    - Baked goods like healthy chai muffins and oat bread
    Homemade ice cream
    As Natalie once posted, "Look inside to fix the outside". Start with pairing a 14-day detox of Oh My Glow with your new healthy eating habit!
    Detox to Routine
    Even though a 28-day detox is obviously more beneficial, I recommend trying the 14-day pack first like I did to ensure you like it. But, again, the goal of OMG is to form a habit of living a healthy lifestyle, and it takes about 1 month (28-31 days) to form a habit.
    As previously mentioned, the other momentous pro of OMG compared to other detoxes is that after the 14-day or 28-day detox you commit to, you can still use it regularly in food. You don't have to stop or take a break; it becomes a daily healthy boost like a vitamin.
    As a society, we have become so obsessed with quick fixes or supplements that replace nutritious foods that we forgot that the best thing with the quickest results for our body are the ingredients nature provides. Join the health culture that promotes holistic, balanced living through Earth’s natural goodness.
    I definitely suggest trying a 14-day detox of Oh My Glow as a natural morning wake-up, a pre-workout boost, a metabolism regulator, a skin balancer, and a daily tool to help you in your personal push to consume a more nutritious diet. Let’s cheers our smoothies to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced body!


    Thank you to the beautiful Mallory Jordan for the review x

    October 01, 2017 by Natalie Diver
    Breakfast Fruit Yogurt Popsicle Recipe

    Recipe: Breakfast Popsicles!

    Happy Summer Oh My Glow loves!

    With the beach, pool, boating, and many more fun outdoor activities on our mind, we've found a perfect way to enjoy an on-the-go breakfast that's good for you and will help keep you cool during these hot days :)

    The best part? All you'll need is a popsicle mold, yogurt, sliced fruit, and a freezer!


    • Start with the yogurt (we used vanilla, but go on and experiment!). Add a layer to the mold as a base. 
    • Next, add in your fruit slices (the closer to the edge of the mold they are, the more they will show through and look nice).
    • Glaze over with another layer of yogurt 
    • Put into the freezer and serve when frozen! Now You have HEALTHY frozen yogurt pops!


    *Dip into granola or add granola to the mix for an extra yummy (and healthy) way to enjoy!

    **Boost the nutrition and taste by adding in 2 tbs Oh My Glow to your mold!


    XO, Oh My Glow Team



    June 26, 2016 by Natalie Diver
    Summer Reading List

    Oh My Glow Summer Reading List

    Hey Loves!

    Summertime is a GREAT time to slow it down and relax with an amazing book! (Or E-Book, we get it!) Either way, whichever floats your boat, we suggest these great finds to boost productivity, wellness, leadership skills, motivation, and FUN! 


    1. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life - Jen Sincero

    This one is a great motivational (and funny) pick-me-up, but also inspire-me book :) 

    2. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action - Simon Sinek 

    Again, another great feel-good book. But this one also lets you look into yourself a bit to challenge your way's of thinking and looking at the world. We give it two thumbs up for that reason :)

    3. How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie 

    The title says it all! This is a motivational book on how to make ANY situation work FOR you :) 

    4. The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

    AMAZING, AMAZING read. This one is completely positive and will leave you feeling EXCELLENT chapter after chapter. This also makes a really great gift for anyone going through a tough time

    5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - J.K. Rowling

    OK -- This one isn't a motivational, leadership how-to, or an inspiring book as the rest are, BUT how could we NOT read this?? Of course it isn't released until the 31st of July, but hey, we're PUMPED! (When you grow up with these characters and story lines, it is a complete MUST-HAVE for any reading list)

    6. ANY John C. Maxwell book (We suggest the complete collection for the fullest effect)

    Motivational, inspiring, feel-good, and very informative, this collection will be sure to develop you in more ways than you knew possible. 


    We're curious to know, what's on your summer reading list?

    Send us some love using #omgdetox 


    June 20, 2016 by Natalie Diver
    How To Fight The Midweek Slump

    How to Fight the Mid-Week Slump

    It's that time of the week again, loves!


    Time to re-group, re-focus, and get excited about what's to come throughout the rest of our week!

    BUT... It can be hard to keep up motivation and positivity throughout the week. 

    The work week is long, the days seem to NEVER end, the work piles on, there are errands to run, and just when you thought you had the weekend to relax, BAM! You get invited out, (which is really fun, and SHOULD be exciting, but not when you're exhausted). 


    So today, we've come up with a few suggestions on how to fight the mid-week slump and put some excitement, positivity, and motivation back into your work week!


    1. Find something to inspire and motivate you throughout the week (something to look forward to!) For example, an event at then end of the week you are excited to attend! If you've written down your goals for the week and already have a great head start, CELEBRATE! That in itself is something to be excited about! 

    2. Remember your WHY. (You know that vision board we talked about last week?) Time to have it completed and displayed for daily inspiration and motivation! This is what DRIVES you. These are the things you are working so hard for. Those "why's" in themselves should help push you forward :) 

    3. You are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. No, seriously. You are. Got unmotivated, unhappy, pessimistic friends or co-workers? Time to switch up your frequent contacts list and jump cubicles! I know it sounds harsh, but if you want to keep up your positivity and motivation throughout the week, you've got to help yourself by associating with other people with similar mindsets! Think, "you are what you eat..." OF COURSE you'll still love your friends and family, but we promise, spending more quality time with positive and optimistic people will unconsciously boost your mood and outlook on life :) 

    4. Get a GOOD workout in! Nothing relieves stress quite like working out! It is scientifically proven to be more effective in treating depression than some medicines! Jumping on the fitness bandwagon will most certainly boost your mood, (health), and mindset :) 

    5. Remember to RELAX :) It is SO important to relax and recharge, even mid-week if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted from the day's work. Take a night off! See a movie, go on an early (or late) date night, go to bed when YOU want to, whatever floats your boat! We are big advocates of listening to your body and gut (it usually steers us right) :) 


    Have a GREAT week! 

    We'd love to hear from you! Use #omgdetox to share how YOU are fighting the mid-week slump :) 



    xo, OMG Detox Team