Berry Detoxing Chia Pudding Recipe

Berry Detoxing Chia Pudding Recipe

Hey beauties!

As you know, one of our ingredients is chia seeds, pretty much because we're obsessed with these little magic seeds.

So we decided to play around with some chia pudding recipes using our famous Oh My Glow blend to bring you the ultimate delicious detoxing chia pudding recipe. 

Chia pudding is the perfect go-to snack: it's easy to make and store, it is packed with nutrition and it tastes so good.

Did you know that chia seeds contain more potassium than banana, more calcium than milk, more omega-3 than salmon and more iron than spinach? That's without mentioning that they're 20% protein and packed with antioxidants.

Our recipe takes less than 5 minutes to complete!


  • Handful of Strawberries
  • Cup of Almond Milk
  • 2 tsp Oh My Glow
  • 1/2 tsp Raw Honey
  • Sprinkle of Almonds
  • 4 tbsp Chia Seeds


Simply combine all ingredients but chia seeds into a blender and whizz into a berry liquid.

Add liquid to a bowl and mix in chia seeds.

Refrigerate for 45-60 minutes (longer if desired for consistency!)

Enjoy! xo

January 28, 2016 by Natalie Diver
Tags: recipe
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