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My Journey With Food Allergies

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Today we’re going to talk about a topic near and dear to my heart, food allergies. I’ve struggled for what seems like years with constant stomach problems, skin issues, and really bad sinus trouble to top it off. I knew I had some sort of seasonal allergy and although I would take care of my symptoms by using an over-the-counter allergy medicine, my sinuses would not let up. My father has really bad sinus problems and had surgery to help alleviate them, so since my Doctor advised me it would be the right decision for my chronic sinusitis (after a year of antibiotics), I gave it a go. 

Fast forward two years and TWO sinus surgeries later. I still was battling my sinusitis. The doctor then suggested allergy testing, since I had moved across the country to a new area with new allergens. I had been through the testing and shots before and didn’t notice a difference that an Allegra couldn’t just fix. So I just ignored it and hoped with less stress in my life, I’d heal. 

One morning after eating my normal breakfast of granola + almond cereal with almond milk, I realized my throat felt different. Kind of like it was harder to breathe and as if it were constricting. I had this feeling before when eating but never really thought much of it. After a few hours, the feeling would go away anyway, so I typically let it be and blamed it on my stomach problems. Well, it got so bad over the Thanksgiving holiday that I ended up trying Nexium for heartburn to help me swallow the food properly- which did help, but not for long. Then I started to notice this odd throat feeling just about every time I ate, and I thought to myself “what in the world could this be?” and then I remembered the allergy testing my Doctor had suggested. 

So, I scheduled an appointment and got it all checked out. Turns out I was suffering from food allergies. None were severe or life threatening (thankfully), but enough to explain why I was feeling that way when I ate. No more milk, soy, almonds, oranges, or potatoes for me!

Today, after eliminating all of these allergens from my diet, I no longer suffer from stomach issues, my skin is clearing up, and my throat no longer has that “out of breath/constricting” feeling, and the best part? Not one sinus infection! It’s funny how all of these can be connected by one common denominator: food!

My allergies proved more difficult than I had anticipated to eliminate – especially the soy (It is in nearly EVERYTHING. Even a stick of gum). But the more I paid attention, the more I learned about ingredients and how they’d affect me and my allergies.So my goal with this post is to post a few of my go-to foods free of soy, milk, almonds, oranges, and potatoes. And if you’ve experienced something similar, it may be a good idea to get your allergies checked out. Also, paying attention to food labels has helped me to realize more of what exactly I am putting into my body, which can’t hurt to learn more about. It is still so much of a learning process, so I mainly stick to a pretty bland, low variety diet, which works best for me.

Here are some of my staple items:

1. Eggs: Protein and nutrient packed, a go-to every morning for my breakfast to keep me full all morning.

2. Apples: I slice one of these up every morning (Honeycrisp are my fave) and pair it with an all-natural peanut butter for some extra protein. *non-natural peanut butter typically contains soybean oil* 

3. Other Fruit: this is where Oh My Glow comes in handy! Packed with superfood nutrients, this supplement helps give me essential vitamins and nutrients I need to keep myself healthy, energized, and glowing from the inside out! I also make it a habit to snack on raw fruit if I have a sweet-tooth craving (strawberries, bananas, pineapple) *no oranges.

4. Lean protein such as chicken, fish, or turkey is a great dinner choice that packs in the protein to help repair and rebuild muscle and keep you feeling full.

5. Rice is my go-to carb of choice. Try and eliminate the more processed foods like pasta. The more natural, the better (and the less chance for added allergens). *and sadly, no potatoes for me, although baked potatoes are a nice option for those who can eat them!

6. I am a big snack lover, so for me, I found a love for air-popped popcorn, oatmeal, and
Outshine fruit bars. *Candy has excess sugar, so I try to eliminate that, PLUS – many of my favorite candies contain soy, almonds, and/or milk, which is disappointing, but helps to keep me on track.

7. Steamed Vegetables - Broccoli is my go-to.

I’ll post more food ideas as I learn them. This is still so new to me! But for those who can relate, stay strong and stay on track! I know first-hand how difficult allergies can be, but I found comfort in knowing my system is more in balance and I no longer feel the effects of the allergens wearing on me!

February 04, 2016 by Natalie Diver
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