Rest Time In Your Fitness Routine

Why You Should Incorporate Rest Days In Your Fitness Routine

Happy Tuesday Oh My Glow Beauties!

Today we're talking rest and relaxation (Something we all love, right!?) Well, truth be told, rest is a CRUCIAL part of any well designed fitness routine or program and of course, as part of a well-balanced lifestyle.
Rest days are essential to help your body maximize the effects of the hard work you've been putting into it all week long. Exercise breaks down your muscles, food replenishes them, and rest recovers them! Your body needs time to build and recover the muscle you just broke down through your (amazing) exercise routine. Now, we all know with summer here, that "bikini body" is something we're working extra hard for (Especially in the lower half of the body!) But, try to aim for at least one day of rest before attempting to exercise the same muscle group again.
Incorporating 2-3 rest days per week following exercise will help you to avoid the side effects of over training.
Plus, the side effects of inadequate rest can add up and are not fun: poor sleep quality, loss of appetite, decreased immunity, fatigue, and mood swings (Yikes).
So say YES to skipping the gym a couple of days this week!
Your body will thank you!
xo, Oh My Glow Team 
June 07, 2016 by Natalie Diver
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