Weekend Workouts Tips

5 Tips to Surviving Weekend Workouts (and Actually Doing Them)

It's Friday loves (Finally!) and we all know what that means...THE WEEKEND IS HERE! Time to punch out on that timecard, throw some fun music on, roll the windows down and go anywhere but the office! OR THE GYM. (cue the horror music) ;)

Just kidding! We all know working out is good for us, but let's face it, working out on our precious weekends is just not motivating. We want to sleep in, eat what we want, lay on the couch or lounge by the pool - basically we want to do ANYTHING but think about exercising after how exhausted we are from the week (that's MORE work, duh)

So we've pulled together a few tips to help motivate you to get going this weekend and master that workout!

1. Start your day early (Yes...for real. Trust us, it's worth it). When you start your day off with a great workout, even on a weekend, you basically feel like a super-human version of yourself. Get up at a decent hour, get to the gym early and knock it out. You'll feel productive right off the bat! (Wait too long into the day and you'll inevitably convince yourself to not go). So just do it, get it done, and move along! After a good workout, you pretty much feel invincible, so take that as a great feeling to start your weekend. 

2. Update your playlist! It's super difficult to get motivated for a run, walk, or gym session without the proper mindset. Music is one of those "things" that can put you in just about any mood you desire, so if it's difficult to get yourself motivated, throw on a playlist that really gets you pumped! It'll be much easier to get through your workout :)

3. Get a gym buddy. If you are held accountable by another person (friend, family member, whoever!) you are much more likely to actually get the workout done (and done well). Plus, workouts with a friend are great for changing up the workouts you would normally do by yourself (and if you weight train, now you have someone to spot you!)

4. Get outside! Want to motivate yourself to enjoy working out a bit more? Do something that your mind won't see as a "workout"! Paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, hiking, walking in a park, walking your pet(s), getting involved in a weekend recreation club or league that plays a physical sport like kickball, soccer, football, etc! There are SO many ways to "sneak" your workout in without even noticing you "worked out" (until after when you're super sore and were glad you ended up working out on the weekend) 

5. Try something you've never done! Working out CAN be fun! Whether you try Yoga or Pilates, Crossfit, a new class at the gym, or even a new jogging route, try and spice up your routine on the weekends! After all, you do have more time do devote to it, so you might as well use it to try new things and figure out what you like to do best :) 


And lastly,

Fuel your body with GOOD FOR YOU food! Don't kill your weekend workouts with an awful post-workout meal. Make sure to fuel up pre and post-workout to set yourself up for success and the feeling of ultimate satisfaction. You'll be energized and ready to tackle whatever else you want to do with your days off! 


xo, Oh My Glow Team

June 17, 2016 by Natalie Diver
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