Summer Beach Survival Guide

Summer Beach Survival Guide!

Hello loves!

We LOVE the beach! BUT - we know how messy and aggravating it can be to pack up for a day in the sun. So here's some pro tips to help YOU make the best of it! Enjoy!

1. Bring an old fitted sheet to use as a beach mat

Flip it inside out and use your cooler, towels, shoes, (basically whatever you've got) to help keep the sides up. That way, when you step into it, you won't bring the sand in, and best of all: the wind won't blow the sand into your mat!

2. Worries about your belongings while your away? Bring a (clean) diaper!

No really, roll up your valuables into a clean diaper and it'll look like a dirty diaper near your beach bag. Likely no one will venture into THAT to check what's inside. OR for a more practical option, clean out an old lotion bottle and store keys and valuables in there :) 

3. Invest in some good beach chairs

We've found lugging a chair around isn't the brightest idea when searching for the perfect spot to plop down and relax, EXCEPT for when you have a backpack chair! Easy to cary, store, and super practical to help keep you off the hot sand. 

4. Aloe vera ice cubes really help with sunburn

Freeze it to help cool off and relieve the burn! Coconut oil is also great as a post-bur moisturizer :) **We suggest sunscreen, but whether or not you plan, sunburn can still happen, so this is our favorite fix.

5. Bring an extra set of towels for the car

If you're like us, getting sand and water on your car seats is not a very good option. So we stash an extra few towels in the car and use those to sit on during the ride home. PLUS, they make a great way to cover the center console or steering wheel to protect it from the heat


Happy Beach Days!

XO, Oh My Glow Team

June 26, 2016 by Natalie Diver
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