Halloween HIIT Workout

Full Body HIIT Workout

We love this workout! It works the whole body & is super easy to fit around your busy schedule! Enjoy it beauty!

0:00-0:40                        20 seconds rest

1:00-1:40                        20 seconds rest
2:00-2:40                        20 seconds rest
3:00-3:40                        20 seconds rest
4:00-4:40                        20 seconds rest
5:00-5:40                        20 seconds rest
6:00-6:40                        20 seconds rest
7:00-7:40                        20 seconds rest

October 25, 2017 by Natalie Diver
Are You Sabotaging Your Workouts?

Are You Sabotaging Your Workouts?

Do you find yourself sitting there on a Sunday evening saying, ‘The fitness starts tomorrow!’.

Then tomorrow comes, you hit it hard, you eat kale, you workout everyday, then BOOM! Your body crashes and you just can not summon the energy to workout? Or you find yourself making excuses?

Yup, we have totally been there! Sabotaging our workouts before they have really begun.

How do we combat this?

We have found that there are 5 steps that can lead to us falling at the first hurdle.



  • 1. Skipping the Warm-Up

  • While you can get away with skipping the warm-up when you are doing a low to moderate impact workouts, not warming up can easily lead to injury when you are doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, especially sprinting or a weight session.

    Warming up helps your muscles ease into exercising and can prevent injuries occurring.

    Simple exercises such as:


    Side bends

    Trunk twists

    Arm circles

    Shoulder shrugs

    5 reps per exercise should be enough to start warming you up.

    2. Not Feeding Your Muscles After a Strenuous Workout.

    When people are trying to lose weight, it is all too easy to fall into a rut where you unconsciously ‘fast’, start skipping meals or looking for quick fixes such as meal replacement shakes. Feeding your muscles after working out will have a more positive affect on your body and keep your energy levels adequately topped up.

    After a cardiovascular workout, wait 30-45 minutes, and then consume a high-quality source of protein (whole food) and vegetable-type carbohydrate. An example would be a spinach salad.

    After a resistance/strength training workout you need a different approach. The meal after a resistance workout needs to be absorbed rapidly to help repair your damaged muscles. As a general rule, you have a one hour window of opportunity to shuttle in the required nutrients. Ideally, you’ll want to eat your post workout meal around 15-30 minutes after an intense weight training session.

    3. Concentrating on a Single Body Area, and Working in a Limited Range of Motion.

    Try to think of your body as a composition of symmetry, and focusing on certain movements and muscle groups while neglecting others can cause imbalances. This in turn can lead to reduced balance and weaknesses in certain areas, such as your back. You could say your body is only as strong as its weakest link. So making sure every area is catered for is imperative for a successful workout.

    4. Training Too Long and Too Frequently.

    Exercising too much, either by working out too long or too frequently, can backfire in a number of ways. Recovery between sessions is super important, your muscles will fatigue and become weak, which in turn can lead to injury.

    Signs you are not adequately recovering between sessions:

    Exercise leaves you feeling exhausted instead of energised.

    You are getting sick easily, or it takes forever to get over a cold.

    You have heavy and restless legs.

    You have a super short fuse.

    You are regularly sore for days at a time.

    5. Inadequate Sleep.

    Although it can be difficult to get up to 8 hours of solid sleep per night, even resting in your bed with no distractions such as, TV or Social Media, can have a positive effect on your body.

    Do not force yourself to ‘sleep’, you will end counting how many hours sleep you will get if you fell asleep now, and it can turn into a vicious sleepless cycle.


    We find that adding our Beauty Blend to our morning routine has a super positive effect on our energy levels. We use Guarana, which is a natural ingredient that has the same effects as caffeine without the dreaded crash or with-drawl symptoms!

    October 03, 2017 by Natalie Diver
    Coconut Berry Detox Smoothies

    Coconut-Berry Detoxing Smoothie

    Summer's here! What's better than cooling down with an ice-cold smoothie? A good-for-you smoothie, that's what! This one is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and even some protein! And even better - It's super simple and FAST to make, which we all have time for!


    Here's the recipe:

    - 1/2 cup blueberries 

    - 1/2 cup strawberries 

    - 2 tbs Oh My Glow 

    - Chia seeds (to taste -- we added 1 tbs)

    - ~1 cup Coconut milk (to taste/texture again, it's up to you!)

    - 1 tbs honey for sweetness (again, add to taste)

    - ice to taste/texture 


    *Try substituting the fruits for a tasty new flavor! (Strawberry-banana, Mango-pineapple, Blackberry-mango, etc)

    **Boost the protein by adding in a protein powder or a greek yogurt of choice!


    xoxo, Oh My Glow Team

    June 20, 2016 by Natalie Diver
    Exercises To Add To Your Workout

    5 Exercises You You Need to Add to Your Workouts

    Happy #MOTIVATIONMONDAY loves!


    Today we're talking fitness! We all know how important regular physical exercise is to our mind, body, and overall health. We've come up with a list of 5 exercises that we're willing to bet YOU aren't incorporating into your workouts, and you should for optimal results. 

    1. Dead Lifts (Back days): While cardio, legs, and biceps are great workouts to keep in your regimen, we suggest adding 1 back day per week. Your back is going to be similar to your core, the better strengthened and conditioned it is, the stronger you will be. Fun fact: Adding in regular back exercises to your workout regimen will actually help to RELIEVE constant back pain by strengthening the muscles that ache. 

    2. Bench Press: YES, this IS important ladies and gents! Chest workouts are not just for men! Ladies, if you leave these essential muscles untrained you are actually setting yourself up poorly for the other muscle groups you are training! This could lead to muscle strains, unbalanced/disproportioned muscle tone, and most certainly weaker muscles than if had you trained them. Fun fact: Training your chest muscles will actually HELP you train your other upper body muscles (biceps, triceps, etc).

    3. Squats: Here's why they're important: We all want strong glutes! Want that nicely shaped, toned, and shapely back-side? Squats will help you get there! Don't skip out on these because they're difficult, CHALLENGE yourself to complete these at least 1x per week to help achieve your best back-side yet.

    4. Push ups: UGH. Dreaded push-ups. But YES they are important, and YES they are valuable. Not only do they help to tone and strengthen your arms and chest, but they also help increase core strength (Hello, six-pack!) Add 3 sets of 10 into your routine at least 1x per week

    5. Stretching: OK-so this isn't an official "exercise" move, but it IS incredibly important to your workout routine. After a great workout, stretching your muscle groups out will help promote recovery and flexibility. It is also a great way to warm-up before a workout session. Try adding 5 minutes in at the end of your workout this week and see what a difference you feel.


    xo, Oh My Glow Team


    June 20, 2016 by Natalie Diver
    Rest Time In Your Fitness Routine

    Why You Should Incorporate Rest Days In Your Fitness Routine

    Happy Tuesday Oh My Glow Beauties!

    Today we're talking rest and relaxation (Something we all love, right!?) Well, truth be told, rest is a CRUCIAL part of any well designed fitness routine or program and of course, as part of a well-balanced lifestyle.
    Rest days are essential to help your body maximize the effects of the hard work you've been putting into it all week long. Exercise breaks down your muscles, food replenishes them, and rest recovers them! Your body needs time to build and recover the muscle you just broke down through your (amazing) exercise routine. Now, we all know with summer here, that "bikini body" is something we're working extra hard for (Especially in the lower half of the body!) But, try to aim for at least one day of rest before attempting to exercise the same muscle group again.
    Incorporating 2-3 rest days per week following exercise will help you to avoid the side effects of over training.
    Plus, the side effects of inadequate rest can add up and are not fun: poor sleep quality, loss of appetite, decreased immunity, fatigue, and mood swings (Yikes).
    So say YES to skipping the gym a couple of days this week!
    Your body will thank you!
    xo, Oh My Glow Team 
    June 07, 2016 by Natalie Diver
    Bicep Workouts

    Fitness Friday: Biceps

    It’s all about the arms this week, beauties! Specifically, the biceps (I typically don’t mix biceps and triceps on the same day- I usually complete them on separate days to allow my arms time to recover).

    A common misconception when getting back into a workout regimen is that is you lift weights, you will gain muscle mass and bulk – and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

    The truth is, lifting free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, bench pressing, etc…) and using gym machines will actually help you to develop lean, toned muscle – especially if you stick to lower weights and higher reps. These options will help you to isolate the muscle group you are focusing on, which allows you to learn how to strengthen and tone it correctly.

    Now say you do want to gain muscle mass (I do since I’ve always been scrawny with little muscle). This is when you’ll want to up the weight and lower the reps. By no means will this instantly make you Mr. Incredible or a female version of the Hulk (LOL). Trust me, all I have gained with increasing my weights is strength and a nice overall strong look that I want. Now that I have built up some muscle and strength, I am typically sticking to the same weight and just raising the reps so I can tone it up

    Here is what a typical bicep workout looks like for me: (If you’re just starting out, lower the reps and weight)

    1. Bicep curls with a curved barbell (20-30lbs is where I stay). Try 3 sets of 10 reps
    2. Bicep curls (Alternating arms) with 10-15lb dumbbells. Try 3 sets of 10 on each arm
    3. Bicep curls on a cable machine (20-30lbs weight) 3 sets of 10 reps (Stand in front of the cables and pull up with your biceps)
    4. Side bicep curls on a cable machine (10-15lbs) 3 sets of 10 reps (stand in the middle of two cables with both arms out to the side. Alternate bicep curls as you pull your fist towards your shoulder)


    And that’s usually when my biceps call it quits for the day. So I usually find another muscle group to add to the day’s workout


    Get creative! Mix up some ab workouts in between bicep exercises so you don’t get overly tired. Or try stretching in between sets. I typically will combine my workouts so I complete 8-10 exercises on a given day. (For example, back + triceps day, or biceps + chest).


    That’s all for now! Check back next week for more fitness fun and workout ideas


    Xo, Alexa

    February 25, 2016 by Natalie Diver
    Easy Ab Workout

    Fitness Friday: Easy Abs

    Happy Fitness Friday Loves! 

    Let's talk about abs (because we all want those!)

    First thing first - abs are made primarily in the kitchen. Which is why OMG Detox is such a vital part of a healthy diet along with exercise. Along with decreasing bloating, increasing energy (and adding a boost to your workout) it is also vitamin packed to fill your system with nutrients it needs. 

    But in workout terms, what can we do to get them in shape? It's easy - but probably the most disliked part of any workout regimen.

    Here are a few ideas: 

    Planks - old school, but they work. Try to hold and release (like a pulse) while staying in the plank form for a new take on the standard plank. 

    Side planks - lean on one arm with your elbow and shoulder aligned. Try moving your hips up and down to do a sort of dip to add variety to the side plank. 

    Side raises - you can use a standard kettle bell or weighted plate. Place in one hand and simply crunch your side while standing and use the weight to add resistance. Alternate sides after each set. I did 3 sets of 15 reps on each side with a 25 lb weighted plate. *Make sure to crunch as far as you can and when pulling up, try and go to the other side to stretch your core as effectively as possible. 

    Ab crunch machine - this one is done at a gym with a standard crunch machine. Try 3 sets of 15 at 50 lbs resistance. 

    Sit ups - OK, we all know how to do these. But they still work! Try to sneak 100 into a workout. (They are relatively quick to do)

    Have an amazing weekend,


    February 19, 2016 by Natalie Diver
    Leg Workouts

    Fitness Friday: Leg Workout

    Hello Loves!

    Today, we’re talking fitness! (Fitness Friday has a ring to it!)

    Along with a healthy diet, incorporating exercise and physical activity will be sure to help you in reaching your goals. I’ve decided to put together a little workout regimen to give some variety and ideas to you all. I am always looking for new ways to incorporate variety into my workout, so I hope this helps some of you!

    Today is the day to train my legs, which is usually the most satisfying and also one of the hardest workouts to get through because working the lower body works larger muscle groups, so for me, I get fatigued much faster.

    Weight training is my absolute favorite! Especially great if your gym has weight machines because they help to build and tone lean muscle. Plus, the machines are great for beginners like me and allow for better muscle isolation and form. Cardio is definitely not my favorite, but I try to incorporate it more frequently as I get into better and better shape.

    Start your workout with some cardio (Get that heart rate up for the workout!)

    I completed 12 minutes on the stair-stepper as a warm-up. I’m working my way to 15 minutes (progress, not perfection)

    I alternated 1 minute at a higher pace stepping normally, and 1 minute at a lower speed with kickbacks into the air. The kickbacks help to tone and lift your glutes and hamstrings (YAY!)

    Next, I utilized the machines the gym had completing 3 sets of 10 reps on each exercise

    • Hamstring curls
    • Leg extension (Quads!)
    • Calf raises
    • Leg press (The big 4: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves)
    • Inner thigh press
    • Outer thigh press
    • 1-leg squats using the squat machine (NOT Free weights)

    To finish off my leg workout and stretch a bit, I utilized a straight barbell (30lbs) and put it over my shoulders, resting it like you would in a normal squat and completed lunges and squats.

    • 3 sets of 10 reps on EACH leg for lunges
    • 3 sets of 10 reps for a light squat

    Always, ALWAYS stretch at the end of the workout. It helps to alleviate some of the tight feeling and soreness right away. And as an added bonus, try and always incorporate some ab workouts into each and every day you are active!


    Xo, Alexa

    February 12, 2016 by Natalie Diver